Home Inspection Overview

  • Buying a home?

Join Dov as he goes through the home you are interested in purchasing and learn about the property and make an educated decision. Our clear, easy-to-understand report contains full sentences and is not a checklist. We will provide you with what you need to make an informed decision today and what you need to know as you settle into your new home. For more information on buyers’ inspections, click here.

  • Selling a home?

A Pre – Listing inspection and report from 718-Inspect will help the sale move more quickly and smoothly. A Pre-Listing inspection adds clarity and logic to what can sometimes be a confusing real estate transaction process. For more information, click here.

  • Buying a new home?

Our “New Construction Inspection” educates the buyers of newly built homes. New homes cannot be evaluated by clues or past performance because they have not had time to perform under real living conditions. We have the experience needed and focus on whether the construction is consistent with current trade practices. We can identify issues that if left undiscovered could lead to expenses costing thousands. Most new homes are protected by a warranty but we would rather identify potential issues now before they turn into warranty items later. To learn more, click here.

NYC Home Inspector

Dov Herman has been inspecting homes since 1994 and as a second generation inspector has provided thousands of clients with the education and knowledge to make an informed decision. We are a full service-inspection company that has earned a strong reputation as pioneers in the home inspection profession. At Dov Herman 718-Inspect we believe a great inspection is just the beginning. FREE telephone and e-mail consulting service is available to you as long as you own the home. It’s not unusual for past clients to call three and four years later asking for advice. That’s why Dov “coined” the often imitated phrase “Every home tells a story… and it’s our job to read you that story.

Commercial Inspection

Dov Herman has been one of the leading Commercial Building Inspectors since 1994 with extensive experience inspecting commercial buildings, apartment buildings, mixed use commercial and stores. 718-Inspect can reduce the risk when buying, selling, leasing, refinancing or maintaining your commercial real estate properties. Whether your needs are for a purchase or on the condition of your property for a capital renewal project, we deliver quality and meaningful reports. Our building evaluations of all of the major building systems and includes an inspection report with relevant pictures to assist with major repairs and replacements. The result is a hiring a company with not just the technical know-how, but sometimes even more important , the ability to convey information in a meaningful way.

We take pride in our ability to exceed our clients’ expectations through professional service. We inspect all types of properties, from commercial to retail .

Why Choose Dov Herman 718-Inspect

Dov Herman – Dov has the expertise and experience to provide professional advice you can trust and depend on.

    • Experience – Dove Herman has over 18 years’ experience helping buyers make educated and correct decisions.
    • Unbiased – We do not make repairs nor do we offer to make repairs ensuring unbiased professional information with no conflict of interest.
    • Focus – We focus on small to medium-sized residential and commercial buildings
    • Value – We provide prompt professional service and accurate / informative evaluations.

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